Sunday, August 15, 2010

Roadside Relief

Often called monotonous and void of any interesting landscape, the Midwestern stretch of I-80 gets a bad rap. While the drive between Chicago and Salt Lake City can be boring at times, somehow, we managed to find beauty every time Ethan needed a between-gas-stops potty break.

Nebraska or Iowa on the way home

Wyoming or Nebraska on the way home

Wyoming (I think) on the way out

Wyoming on the way out

Colorado (technically not on the I-80, but close by)


ashlie said...

I Love the new header from the top of snowbird. Classic post about Ethan's potty breaks, i saw a few favorites of my own when you were in town. Love it!

the baker family said...

Beautiful! Well time save the empty water bottles. It saves even more time. ;-) xoxo

the baker family said...
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