Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friends Forever

For the past five years Morgan and her friend Camden have switched off visiting one another during the summer. These visits require an unaccompanied minor flight across the US. These brave little girls made their first solo flights at 8 years old. They each look forward to their week together with much anticipation and there are always tears when their time together comes to an end. They have been friends since the day Morgan was born, and it's sweet to see how connected they've stayed even though they've lived far apart for 8 of their 11 years of friendship.
The girls kept super busy during Camden's visit with Six Flags, the pool, our village's carnival, a horse show, a visit to the former workplace of this year's American Idol, shopping, playing at home, and of course a day in the city. Downtown at the Bean
Shopping success!

Former workplace of this year's American Idol, Lee Dewyze

The Temple Lipizzian's horse show

Parting is such sweet sorrow :-(

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