Monday, February 15, 2010

We'll Be In Trouble if He Ever Discovers QVC & HSN

The other day Ethan started calling to me excitedly, "Mom, mom, come quick, you've got to see this!" I ran to the family room where he had paused the "Smooth Away" infomercial for me. He was insistent, "Mom, you've gotta buy that, you don't need a shaver." This week I heard it again, "Mom, mom, you've gotta see this!" This time it was the amazing color changing foaming cleaner, Kaboom Foam Tastic.
Thankfully he has not yet learned to change the channel. We might be in trouble when he eventually stumbles upon QVC and the Home Shopping Network.

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lissiemarie said...

That's how they get things sold, children. We had to buy a doll for Ellie last minute this Christmas because she believed Santa would give her what she asked for. She had seen a comercial a few days earlier and knew she must have it!