Monday, November 23, 2009

Rock Band is Rubbing Off on Ethan

Here's the very serious life planning conversation I just overheard between 4-year old Ethan and his friend Alena today:

Ethan: "Alena, when I grow up and I'm a rock star I'm not going to wear a shirt. Actually, I'm going to wear my Bolt shirt (shirt w/lightning bolt on front)."

Alena: "You should wear a coat. Rock stars wear no shirt with a coat. But you have to wear pants."

Ethan: "Well, I'm going to have a guitar. You know, sometimes rock stars don't wear a shirt with their guitar. Alena, I'm going to play the guitar, but you can be in it too if you want."

I wish I could have recorded the whole conversation. Alena went on to give some career counseling advice suggesting that Ethan may want to consider other professions. If only I could recall exactly what was said. It was pretty comical. Maybe we should put "Lego Rock Band" on the Christmas list to tone down the serious rocker images our little guy is getting from the wii.

Here's a photo of Ethan playing the air guitar with his buddy, Mitchell Dickson, in Baltimore last weekend. Rock on!

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matt, bekah, jax said...

Love it! Oh Ethan, you truly could be a rock star with all your energy! Uncle Matt can be your back up guitarist (he'll go shirtless too)