Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gymnast Morgan Doing Her Thing

I've promised it for weeks, finally, here it is...video from Morgan's best meet of the year (so far).

February, 15, 2009, St Louis, MO
9.325/2nd place Bars
9.200/2nd place Beam
8.750/6th place Floor
9.100/1st place (tied) Vault
36.375/2nd place All Around

The season is almost over, just the state meet is left on April 4th(the boys will be so relieved, gymnastics meets are long and boring for them). Instead of spending our Saturdays in a gym we'll move on to Saturdays at the soccer field and baseball field. Should be fun to get a little fresh air on the weekends. Hooray for Spring!



Angela said...

She looks soooo GREAT! That was awesome! Way to go Morgan! Thanks for posting the video, Michelle! Having her replicate through words and stunts on the pull-up bar just wasn't the same as seeing her in action!

DAY said...

Wow, way to go Morgan! Thanks for sharing the video w/ us. It's so fun to watch her blossom and grow in this talent of hers--wishing her the best!

Becky said...

She is awesome! Thank you for sharing. So fun to see miss M in action.

Sheree said...

Wow Morgan! You look amazing. I loved your bar routine--you make it look easy. But I know how hard those kips are.

Good job!