Sunday, November 16, 2008

They are beautiful, aren't they?

I've been a little preoccupied with Facebook as of late and have abandoned my little blog. Anyway, if anyone is still checking-in I thought I'd paste up one of my fav photos for the season. This was taken at the corn shortage of corn or corn mazes out here in the Midwest.

Ethan - He's three and so adorable right now. He loves to chant E-T-H-A-N - so proud of himself that he can spell his name. He often sings to himself and loves to show us how he can "read" books all by himself ("read" meaning look at the pictures and tell the story-- he doesn't realize that is any different than what we do).

Isaac - Just had his 7th birthday complete with a Pokemon party to celebrate. He had a few favorite gifts, but one we all loved was the Nerf machine gun blaster. Okay, I admit, I NEVER would have purchased this toy myself. I'm not a big fan of guns. But holy moley, it is crazy fun to watch the boys just light up every time it fires off 24 Nerf darts in rapid sequence (when I say boys plural I include Brent in the list).

Morgan - She's performing as a gymnast in the Nutcracker this season, she just had her first gymnastics meet of the season, and sadly said goodbye to her beloved soccer till Spring. She loves her creative 4th grade teacher who does fun things like using Oreos to learn about earthquakes and writing spelling tests in shaving cream. She had straight As on her first letter grade report card.

Brent - Super busy at work these days and when he's home he's remodeling the basement bathroom.

Me - I'm proud to say I'm actually helping a lot with remodeling the basement bathroom. I finally vacuumed my car after weeks on end of neglect (this was a feat, so I include it on the list--sadly we've now lost 1/2 our food storage). I'm trying to get geared up for Christmas shopping, but as of yet have only bought three items--this is the week to kick it into high gear.

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Angela said...

I LOVE that picture! Did you take it? You can add "photographer" to all your many talents because you take such great photos! I have become a teensy bit better vacuuming my car -- meaning I dust-bust the seats and floor the morning before Jr. High carpool. Amazing what the fear of Jr. High judgment can encourage us to do even now that we're adults!! It's good to hear a catch-up on your blog!