Monday, April 21, 2008

Success! White Trash Style

Sunday afternoon was beautiful. Warm sun, no wind, perfect! After taking time to relax in the hammock (ahhhh, I love Spring) I got to thinking about what outdoor project was worthy of such a wonderful day. I decided to tackle the repair of my car CD player. The disc changer hasn't worked right since Ethan stuffed it full of coins more than a year ago. It would play the first few tracks on a CD, then stop. I didn't bother trying to get it fixed right away because I knew my little darling would only fill it with more coins the first chance he got.

Last Fall I finally decided Ethan's fascination with the coins had passed and it was time to address the problem so I called the dealership for advice. They said the only solution was to replace the whole stereo. It would only cost $450! Circuit City could install a new stereo for under $200. Much better, but still seemed a waste of money since I was certain my CD player would work just fine if I could only get the coins out. The problem was, I didn't know how to get the stereo out. I did some Internet searching and found a place where I could pay $5 to download detailed instructions (with step by step photos) for removing the stereo from my specific make and model of vehicle. Perfect!

Armed with my instructions and a screw driver I set to work. Brent arrived home to find me with both car doors open, the dash pulled apart, the radio on, and tools scattered over the driveway and front seat of my car. Nice white trash wife! After about 30 minutes I had the stereo out and was able to extract three pennies from the CD changer. 15 minutes later everything was put back together and my stereo was working perfectly. There's something so liberating about figuring out how to fix something yourself. I often find myself frustrated with the routine tasks of motherhood that are never really done (cooking, cleaning, laundry...all things that need to re-done again just hours after you finish). It's nice to complete a project with lasting benefits once and awhile. Hooray for me!

Today I enjoyed my drive to Sam's Club listening to a CD (yea!). In case you're wondering, I chose Macy Gray, Big. I love her sound, but must admit I'd never listened to the lyrics closely before. All the songs seem to be about unhappy relationships. Kind of depressing. But I do love her sound.


lissiemarie said...
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lissiemarie said...

I deleted the first comment because I spelled success wrong the first time. I
Change the header!!! Success Super Woman style!! I started reading and thought Brent was blogging! That is about where my comfort level is. Nate and I last night had a discussion about all the things on his "honey do" list...looking at it like you do I should be doing most of them! good blog to read today.