Friday, July 20, 2007

Awww, the moments that make it all worthwhile!

My adventurous, "I can do it all by myself", 2-year old, Ethan, pulled out a DVD and shoved in the player all by himself this morning. This in and of itself wasn't all that newsworthy.

As the movie started the Columbia Tri-Star pictures mascot appeared on screen--a beautiful Greek goddess looking woman holding a torch. Ethan looked at her and said, "She's cute". That caught me off guard, as I didn't realize he was old enough to have an opinion on who was cute and who wasn't. So, I probed further, "Is Alena (his 2-year old friend next door) cute?". He said, "no". Okay, here's the real test, "Is mommy cute?". Again, "no". Okay, "Is mommy pretty?". Again, "no". "Is mommy funny?". Again, "no". "Is mommy silly?". Again, "no". Then he reached over, grabbed my hand to hold it and said, "Mommy best friend".

Awwww, I'm still melting inside. While Ethan's adventurous spirit and curiosity leave me exhausted at the end of (or sometimes in the middle of) each day, moments like these make it all worthwhile!

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Name: Angela said...

Wow! I'm melting inside, too! And trying to think how I can probe NIcholas to say something that sweet to me!!! We love you, Ethan!